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Visit at UiTM

In December 2022, Dag Raudberget, one of the teachers who founded the project at Jönköping University, and colleague Dan Lennartsson were on their way to a conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to present their research on modularization and the circular economy. Before they left, Dag had contacted the university Universiti Teknologi MARA [UiTM] with the hope of having the opportunity to meet Malaysia's only Solar Team, the UiTM EcoPhoton Solar Car Team. After the conference, Dag went to the city of Shah Alam where UiTM is located, which is one of the largest universities in Malaysia. On site, he had the opportunity to meet the students in the UiTM EcoPhoton Solar Car Team who are building the car that they will compete with in Bridge World Solar Challenge 2023 [BWSC]. Dag had the chance to meet the founder of the project at UiTM, Dr. Azli Razak who is "Head of School of Mechanical Engineering". Under the direction of DR. Razak, UiTM participated in BWSC in 2015, 2017 and 2019.

In the picture, gifts are handed over from Dag to Dr. Razak. In addition to a chance to meet other teams outside the competition venue, there was also the opportunity to exchange experiences from the competitions and constructions of the cars. Dag showed how the JU Solar Team has developed since 2013 when we made our debut in BWSC and shared experiences from both teams, what has worked well and what has not worked well. With almost 20 years of experience between the teams, there was plenty of experience and tips to share. UiTM was told the advantages of building the test chassis to check that the basic concepts work and Dag was inspired by UiTM's self-built solar panels, which he also presented to the JU Solar Team 23 when he came back to Sweden.

Dag, Dr. Razak and Dan together with the EcoPhoton Solar Car Team. The visit to UiTM was very successful and both parties received good tips and advice on how a solar car can be constructed to achieve the best results. Who knows, maybe it's thanks to UiTMs sharing their experience that JU Solar Team wins Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2023?


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