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Our vision and mission

JU Solar Team wants to be a part of the development of the future fueled by the biggest renewable source of nature: THE SUN

As we challenge other universities in the competition we also challenge ourselves and push the sustainable technology of tomorrow. We stand by our original 3 keywords: 

Sustainability, Innovation, and Stronger Together!

Our journey


Magnus visits Nuna in the Netherlands

In the early 2000s Magnus had an idea about the World Solar Challenge (WSC) and started the formation of the first project with Dag.



Dag & Mangus participated in the world solar challenge as observers

Oskar Prytz was an important part of the first project


* Solar car pioneers at JU: Magnus, Dag & Oskar Prytz


The first JU Solar Team is formed

The team worked day and night trying to figure out how to make the best car for the competition.



JU Solar Team participated in the World Solar Challenge with our first car, Magic

The first car was one of its kind with paper-thin margins and state of the art aerodynamics. The ambitious team was fighting for a top placements until an unforeseen gust took control of the lightweight car and the team unfortunately had to withdraw in the last stage.

2013 Australia


The new team participated with the new car, Solbritt

Learning from past experiences, the new team aimed to build a more stable car for the WSC 2015. This resulted in the car, Solbritt, finishing the race in 15th place out of 30 contestants. This was the first Nordic car to ever successfully finish the challenge 🎉

2017 finnish line


JU Solar Team places 8th in the World Solar Challenge with Solveig!

New regulations lowered the solar panel by 33% which opened up new possibilities that changed the way we thought about designing cars for the race. From this a new concept was developed with lower aerodynamic drag and higher durability in tough conditions. In Australia this was proven to be correct when the car moved forward with ease through the tough rainy and windy weather conditions. The project was recognized in Sweden for beating some of the top universities in the world.

2017 team


Axelent placed 10th in the World Solar Challenge

Axelent Group joined as main partner and supports the team through its journey that builds our most developed car to this day. Unfortunately days before the start of WSC '19, the car was hit by an unanticipated object that took out half of the solar energy input which haunted the team for the whole race. Without this misshapen, the team would have finished in the top 3.



The new team changed the project’s identity and developd new technology

Due to covid-19 the team had to change its focus to other smaller projects that would support the next team to compete in the WSC 2023.

2021 team


Magnus and Dag received the Honorary medal from JU

The University and city of Jönköping recognizes the importance of the project and the culture it has created since its start in 2010.

miniature cars
miniature race

* Pictures from the traditional Swedish youth solar race


JU placed 7th in the World Solar Challenge

The team presented the new car, Axelight. With this car’s optimized aerodynamics, electronics and new features. 

The team faced and overcame some challenges on their way across the Australian outback, placing 7th beat their record.

BWSC23 finish


The new  team will improve Axelight

A new team, with the help of mentors, is looking to optimize the previous concept. New regulations will even out the playing field to their advantage.

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