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Did you know that you can apply for the team?

The solar car project is given as courses at Jönköping University (JTH). You as a student at Jönköping University can apply for it as an independent course to study alongside your program. This applies regardless of which program you study and at which faculty. The project is given as two parallel courses, where one is about design/construction and the other about marketing/sponsorship. The entire project is divided into four separate courses, one introduction course at 25% study pace and 3 courses at 50% study pace.

As with other courses given at the university, the application process goes through admission. The ultimate goal of the project is the participation in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, which runs every two years which is the reason why the first course, the start of the project, starts every second year. However, each course is applied for separately before each semester.

Axelent team

If you are interested in joining the team in-between application times, send a spontaneous application by email.

Alumni interviews

Marcus Svensson

Victoria Andersson

Kim Larsson

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