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Interview with Marcus Svensson

Marcus got his bachelor's and master's degree in Product development and materials engineering and was part of the mechanical team 2019.

Marcus in Australia

What made you apply for JU Solar Team?

I have always liked technology, cars and motorcycles. So when I heard that you can participate in a project where you can build your own car, but not only like any typical car, a solar powered car. With high technology functions to stretch the boundaries of energy efficiency and sustainability, the motivation and inspiration comes by itself!

What role did you have in the project and what did the role entail?
In 2018-2019 when I participated, we had a quite small team relative to the projects size on the side. Therefore it was important to be active and dedicated in many different things with a will of steel and a mindset that no details or tasks are to small or to big. My main task included the chassis, test-chassis, wheel suspension and car body. This meant I had to study by myself and collaborate with the team and sponsors to twist and turn on many crazy ideas. I was also responsible for the mechanical team, service and maintenance of the solar car during the competition in Australia in which we placed 10th out of 27 teams despite many technical problems (but we placed best out of the Swedish teams).


What have you taken with you from being a part of the project?
I learnt an incredible amount about requirement specifications, construction, manufacturing, chassis parameters, car body design, workshop work, company cooperation, FEM, aerodynamics and planning. But also how to work to perform efficiently in stressful situations with many people and many wishes.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about applying to JU Solar Team?
This is an unique adventure that few people have experienced, which has given me an incredible elevation in knowledge and contributed to my personal development, both in a technical and personal perspective. At the same time, my personal mentality has grown stronger regarding sustainable development.

What happened after you participated in JU Solar Team?

I am working at Husqvarna primary development for handheld devices. It’s a early concept department that leaves their projects to R&D. I often work with new technologies where I need to be innovative and driven daily. Through the solar car project I really have become prepared for a working life in such department.

2019 team at finish line
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