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MAGIC BILD_edited.jpg


In the autumn of 2013, the JU Solar Team participated in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge for the first time. The name of the car was Magic, and she was the first-ever solar car built in Sweden to compete internationally. The team tried to push the limit by building the fastest car possible - an area in which they were successful. Unfortunately, though, the lightweight car blew off the road and did not cross the finish line.


  • Measurements: Length: 4.5m / Width: 1.8m /  Height: 1.25m

  • Weight: 190 kg

  • Cruise speed: 83 km/h

  • Motor: Mitsuba M2096D-2 mounted on the right wheel

  • Solar cells: 6 m² with an efficiency of 22.6 %

  • Battery: Boston Power Swing 5300

  • Suspension: Forks in the front and Swing arms in the back

  • Brakes: Shimano zee BRM 64D

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