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Welcome ST Microelectronics

This year we are honored to introduce our new Platinum partner ST Microelectronics!

2023 marks the first year that ST Microelectronics is joining us on our journey to and through Australia, which we are delighted about.

ST Microelectronics is a global semiconductor company that designs, produces and delivers technology in the form of microchips that can be found in the most innovative products on the market. Their microchips are found in products ranging from electric cars, large factory machines, cell phones and toothbrushes.

For our part, the collaboration has been invaluable as they have contributed components such as development boards and evaluation tools that have really been a game-changer for us! The advanced technology, quality and reliability offered has really contributed to the development of our innovation.

In addition to products, the team at ST Microelectronics has been a great support with their commitment, expertise and guidance throughout the evaluation process.

We would like to once again thank ST Microelectronics for their support and the trust you have in us in the JU Solar Team. We look forward to continuing this partnership and continuing to leverage cutting-edge solutions to drive sustainable innovation and create a brighter future.

Thank you ST Microelectronics for helping us in our journey!


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