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Learning from past experiences, the new team aimed to build a more stable car for the 2015 competition. This resulted in Solbritt, our second-generation car that finished the race at 15th place out of 30 contestants. Not bad for a small team consisting of only 12 engineers doing everything from building the car to finding sponsors and marketing the project.


  • Measurements: Length: 4.5m / Width: 1.8m /  Height: 1m

  • Weight: 235 kg

  • Cruise speed: 82 km/h

  • Motor: Mitsuba M2096D-3, BLDC motor ( 95% efficiency)

  • Solar cells: 6 m² with an efficiency of 23.4%, 229 watt/m²

  • Battery: 20 kg BMS, 4 kWh Lithium—Ion battery

  • Suspension: Öhlin's Double link arms

  • Brakes: The 22-049 caliper 21-010 master cylinder

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