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The car built by the 2017 year’s team. The team used past experiences to build a more competitive car in level with the best teams. This year, the JU solar team was divided into two different courses, marketing and construction. The engineering course focused on building the car, while the marketing course focused on sponsorships, social media and marketing. This made it possible for more people from different educational backgrounds to be involved in making the car a reality and for the quality of the jobs that were carried out to be higher. Solveig placed 8th in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2017.


  • Measurements: Length: 4.28m / Width: 1.63m /  Height: 95cm

  • Weight: 186 kg

  • Cruise speed: 84 km/h

  • Motor: Mitsuba M2096D-3-VFM Brushless DC, adjustable torque ( 97% efficiency)

  • Solar cells: 4 m² Silicon PV, ( 24.3 % efficiency,  960 W)

  • Battery: 20 kg Lithium-lon, 118 V, 5.3 kWh

  • Suspension: Individual suspension with Öhlin's Coil shocks

  • Brakes: Hydraulic mountain bike brakes

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