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Through the scrutineering and beyond

Since the part of the team that arrived to Darwin first and got access to a garage they have been working tirelessly on getting Axelight ready. The reason for this is to get the car ready for a crucial step in the race, the scrutineering.

About two weeks ago, Axelight and members of the team arrived in Darwin, and work to complete the car began immediately. Since then, work has been going on day and night to get it ready for October 17, 2023, when the car will undergo the first of two scrutineerings that determine whether the car is allowed to drive on public roads or not.

Before the scrutineering, we have been working hard and dedicated to make sure the car is in perfect condition. It has taken long days and many hours of work to get all the details in place and ensure that the car meets the necessary requirements.

During the first scrutineering, Axelight goes through nine different stations, each focusing on different parts of the car, such as electronics, mechanics and driver safety. It is an extensive and thorough process that is part of the competition. The scrutineering is crucial to ensure that the car is safe to use on public roads and complies with the competition rules. Each station has its own specific criteria that must be met, and passing each station requires great skill and accuracy.

Before the scrutineering, there were a few nail-biters and times when the situation did not look as bright as the team had hoped. But through long hours of work, we got the car to the standard we were aiming for. The result of the five hours in the Convention Garden in Darwin where the inspection was held was a car that danced through all the stations with minor remarks.

Now it's just a matter of fixing the minor flaws and making the final preparations for the competition.

The scrutineering is one of the most critical steps in preparing for Axelight's participation in the competition. It shows that the team has what it takes to meet the high demands and challenges of the race. With a car that passes the scrutineering, we are ready to take on the challenge and challenge the best teams in the world.


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