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Fieldtrip to Husqvarna

Husqvarna Group is a company based in Huskvarna that for 300 years has produced various household products, mainly for outdoor use. Today, their main area of ​​work and production is outdoor products such as chainsaws and robotic lawnmowers.

The company has been a partner to several previous JU Solar Teams and has a close collaboration with Jönköping Engineering School both with internships, degree projects for students and many JU alumni have continued to work for the company after graduation. Through alumni from previous JU Solar Teams who after graduation started working at Husqvarna Group, we were invited to the factory on a study visit and, like a true Swedish company, they offered us fika.

On site, a JUST alumnus told us about the work at the Pro Robotic Product Lab, where they develop different types of robotic lawnmowers, both lawnmowers adapted for small areas such as gardens and those adapted to larger areas such as golf courses. A large part of the work that the Husqvarna Group does is classified, but despite that, the team got a tour of one of their test facilities and got to see how the products are tested both for safety and efficiency. The study visit was a success as it partly gave us a break in the work with the solar car, partly the opportunity to talk to a former member and get to know what worked and what didn't work during previous trips. However, the fact that we had the opportunity to see how some of Husqvarna's products are tested was the highlight.


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