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On the road to perfection: test runs for sustainability and durability

When the body is finally ready, it's time to focus on test driving, so lately the team has been busy testing the Axelight in the evenings and weekends. We do this to get the best possible idea of the car's characteristics so that we avoid surprises on the roads in Australia.

To get a thorough understanding of the Axelight and its performance, we chose to conduct the test drives on a fenced go-kart track. This allowed us to really challenge the car and see how it reacted to different driving conditions and turns. We were able to test its handling characteristics and identify areas that need improvement, and what works the way we want.

During the test drives, different members of the team are present to identify these weaknesses and strengths together and to discuss potential solutions directly. Everyone contributes their expertise and dedication to ensure that the car will work in the best possible way, teamwork at the highest level.

During the test drives, we could see that we were making progress. During each run we carry out a range of tests, both those required by the race organizers and those we have devised ourselves to ensure that the Axelight is as good as possible. We observed how Axelight responded to our commands and identified areas where fine-tuning was necessary. This was an important process to ensure that the car performs optimally in a racing context.

However, it is important to note that the test drive was not without challenges. We encountered some areas where improvements needed to be made. But this is exactly what test driving is all about - finding and fixing any flaws and fine-tuning to reach perfection. We didn't expect everything to be flawless from the start, but we're determined to make the necessary changes to improve the car's performance.

Test driving is an important part of our quest for a winning car. By collecting data and analyzing the results, we create a clearer picture of what works and what needs to be adjusted. Each test is a piece of the puzzle that brings us closer to our goal - to create a solar-powered car that impresses on the race track and inspires sustainability.


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