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Our Gold Partner Saab AB helps us with transportation to Australia

We at JU Solar Team are excited that our journey to Australia has finally begun. The first container filled with essentials, such as tents, sleeping bags, tables, chairs and much more, will leave Jönköping University on June 21st.

This milestone is of great importance to us as these items will be indispensable when we need to camp along the way during the challenge. The container is expected to arrive in Australia in September and will help us create a comfortable and functional campsite along the race course.

Picture of the JU Solar Team 2019 packing up the camp before continuing their journey towards Adelaide.

We would also like to thank Saab in Huskvarna for their invaluable help with the transportation of both the necessities and our solar car. Thanks to their support and cooperation, the process has been smooth and easy. It is of great importance to have reliable partners that allow us to focus on our mission and prepare in the best possible way for the challenge.

As for our solar car, it will be transported to Australia in September. We continue to work on the solar car to ensure it is in top condition for the competition. Every detail and innovation is carefully designed to maximize the efficiency and performance of our solar car. We can't wait to see it in action and showcase the power of solar energy as a driver of sustainable transportation solutions.

Once again, thanks to our gold partner Saab AB in Huskvarna for all the help in transporting everything to the other side of the world!


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