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Preparation for wrapping

When the new fiberglass body arrived after months of work and manufacturing, we reached a major milestone. After a long and challenging journey, we could finally see our new fiberglass car in front of us.

Creating a car out of flax fiber has been one of our most ambitious projects to date. We wanted to create a lighter and more environmentally friendly car without compromising on performance or style. Using flax fiber allowed us to achieve these goals.

But making the car's body out of flax fiber was not easy. We worked for months to create a perfect shape, and when the body arrived it was still raw and needed to be sanded down and primed before we could apply the wrap. It was a time-consuming job, but through teamwork and enthusiasm we got it done.

The result was a perfectly prepared surface to apply the wrap to. Our new flax fiber body is not only environmentally friendly and lighter than traditional cars, it also features the latest solar panel and electric drive technology. This is truly a car that represents the future of sustainable transportation solutions.


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