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Test Drive

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

The summer holidays are here, however, that does not mean that the work of improving the solar car takes a break. The opposite, the start of the summer has consisted of two test drives to see how new ideas, changes and materials react and work whilst driving.

The first test drive was held at Jönköping Airport, also refered to as Axamo, where we were accompanied by a few representatives from the company Kvadrat. The race in iLumen, Belgium, will require a greater focus on the turning functions of the car since the carriageway is ovaly shaped where the solar cars will be driving several laps during the 24 hours. This is a major difference if being compared to the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge where the car needed to be built with the aim to almost only move straight. The second thest drive were, therefore, together with our sponsors at Kapsch at their test track Tollamo. We had the possibility to test both the turning and stop functions, and practise driving on a ovaly shaped track. The day offered a lot of rain, which was not according to plan. However, since Belgium might offer quite an amount of rain it is beneficial to make sure that no water will end up damaging the car.


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