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The Vera-Day

The Vera-day was organized at Jönköping University Engineering School in memory of Vera Sandberg, the first woman in Sweden to graduate as an engineer in 1917. Even though more than 100 years have passed, women in the engineering industry are still a minority.

In order to promote and inspire more young women to apply to technical educations, Jönköping University Engineering School organized an inspiration day for students around Jönköping County. The focus was mainly on young female high school students studying technology- and science programs in grades 2 and 3, but students from elementary school also came to visit. During the day there were lectures from JTH alumni, some of whom were part of previous JU Solar Teams, but also conversations with current students at JTH.

All students, young and old, were given a tour of the JTH building where they got a taste of what technical educations is all about. One of these stops was the Solar Car workshop, where the JU Solar Team presented the project and showed the car from 2019.

During the day, the team had the opportunity to talk to students that showed great interest and answer several good and well-thought-out questions. Once again, everyone in the JU Solar Team were impressed and inspired by the young people in Jönköping County and the interest in technical education, the engineering profession and the solar car project..

The entire JU Solar Team is excited about the opportunity to inspire young women to apply for technical education and look forward to seeing them follow in Vera Sandberg's footsteps.


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