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We're in EDIT!

Even though the JU Solar Team is part of Jönköping University, it is still a relatively unknown project both on and off campus, which the school newspaper EDIT can hopefully help us change.

EDIT is a newspaper run by students for students at Jönköping University and is, together with RadioK, the school's two news sources for students. The newspaper publishes news about what is happening at the school and events that are interesting for the students to take part in. The JU Solar Challenge is a project that is ongoing on campus and has been going on for several years, but it is still a project that is unfortunately relatively unknown among students, especially in faculties other than Jönköping Engineering School. Even though the project involves several faculties, many students and teachers doesn't know about it. So we were delighted when EDIT said they were interested in doing an interview with us. The interview featured Caroline Fagerkvist (to the left in the picture) and Josefine Johansson (to the right in the picture), who answered questions about what it's like to be in the team, about the competition in Australia and how the work is going with the new car. The focus of the article from EDIT is mainly on the trip to Australia that this team will make in October 2023 and on the competition in general, but also on how the team works together to achieve the common goal: to win. Would you like to read EDIT's article about us or find out more about what is happening at JU? Go to and you go directly to the article. Or wait until TidningenEDIT comes out, which it does twice a year. Through the interest from EDIT and their article, we hope that more and more students and teachers know about the project and share our enthusiasm for innovation and participation in developing the future


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